03 Feb L’apothéose d’un rêve (Apotheosis of a Dream) (2004)

for piano, violin and cello

Commissioned by pianist Menahem Pressler and the Beaux Arts Trio

World premiere: January 2006, the Beaux Arts Trio, Menahem Pressler, piano, Daniel Hope, violin, Antonio Meneses, cello, The Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; consecutive performances throughout Groningen and Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Los Angeles Premiere: 2010, Southwest Chamber Music at Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

I. Introduction
II. Adagio cantabile, semplice
III. Molto vivo – Misterioso
IV. Andante cantabile – Passionato
V. Misterioso – Adagio cantabile, semplice

Score/parts available
Program note