03 Feb American Tune (2012)

song cycle for a play with songs, for mezzo soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, percussion and string quartet

Commissioned by playwright Shailly Agnihotri. Text by Shailly Agnihotri. Libretto by Agnihotri/du Bois
Premiere: November 2012, Shelter Studios, New York City

I. “Mister Smith/I Will Defend You” LISA (mezzo)
II. “Founding Fathers/Nothing More Sacred”  JUDGE ROBERTS (baritone)
III. “Mother’s Song” SUSAN (soprano)
IV. “I Will Defend You” duet: LISA (mezzo)/JONES (baritone)
V. “I Want You to Know” duet KATIE (alto)/Matt (tenor)
VI.  “Easy to Hate” JONES (baritone)
VII. “You Think I’m Guilty” (baritone)
VIII.  “I Try Hard” LISA (mezzo)
IX. “Cert Denied” SOTOMAYER (alto)
X. “Don’t Look Away/For Whom the Bells” LISA (mezzo)
XI. “Celine’s Girl” SOTOMAYER (alto)
XII. “Mister Jones/Lady Justice/We” /Ending Chant KATIE (alto)/ CHANT (cast)
XIII. “Space in There” JONES (baritone)/ MOB (cast)
XIV. Ending Chant KATIE (alto)/ CHANT (cast)

Score/parts available